Wedding Transport Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

A limo isn’t your only option. Consider shuttling everyone around in something with a little more personality. You’re going to the chapel…but wait! How are you getting there? What about your maids—or your guests, for that matter? Will you choose a sleek silver Rolls-Royce, a pimped-out party bus or a bicycle built for two? Whether you want a unique getaway to express your style, or a fun way to give your bridal party and even your guests a lift too, there are lots of hot options for your London wedding car hire.

Sports Cars

For thrill-seeking couples looking for an edgier ride, two-seater sports cars are all the rage. From the Maserati GranSport to the Lamborghini Gallardo, these ultra-exotic sport car hire in London will get you to the party in a flash and will have you speeding into the twilight at the end of the night. They often come in daring hues like red and yellow, so take your wedding colours into consideration when renting. If you’re going to be driving one of these yourself (rather than hiring a driver), make sure to check on all liability issues before jumping behind the wheel. Another thing not to forget about these stylish cars: You’ll probably need to rehearse your exit ahead of time—getting out of a lowrider gracefully requires some skill, especially in a dress.

Water Ways

If you’re celebrating by a lake or ocean, make a chic escape in a sleek speedboat or yacht while your guests wave you off from the shore.
Trend Alert: For a more casual affair, couples are having fun with their water-based getaways by rowing off together in charming canoes or even on paddleboards.

Vintage Vehicles

An antique car like a vintage Rolls-Royce is a glam way to get yourselves to the ceremony and reception—and it will create the perfect backdrop for classic black-and-white photo ops. Some hot models to consider renting: the Chrysler 300, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud or Bentley S2.
Trend Alert: Though a Rolls will always be in style, many couples are choosing antique cars with a little more character. Imagine the photos of you two riding off in a vintage VW Beetle, a brightly coloured VW van or even a weathered antique pickup truck.


If you’re not into the idea of being chauffeured into the sunset, ride away on a motorcycle, Vespa, golf cart or tandem bike. You’ll get frame-worthy photos and a wonderful memory to look back on. Just make sure you practice riding on your vehicle of choice in a dress and heels before your wedding day!

Horse and Carriages

Experience the ultimate fairy-tale ending in a horse-drawn carriage. Buggies can fit between two and six passengers, so you can even bring your honour attendants along, or rent a few carriages to lead the entire wedding party on a royal-style procession.
Trend Alert: Pedicabs are emerging as a sort of metropolitan carriage — a playful getaway perfect for city couples who love the idea of a classic horse and buggy but prefer a more modern feel.


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Five reasons why you need protective coating

Adventurous man making gesture

Have you ever wondered about why you would need the protective coating ? Well , one thing is if you want to start saving then the protective coat can be the reason for that and besides that , if you want to lose some weight then it can help you with that matter since you will be the one doing the work. Think of it as something fun because the outcome will be worth it when you see all of your item s shine bright like diamonds. Anyway if you want to know then here are five reasons why you would need the protective coating.


  1. If you want to make sure that things like your car or your yacht

are always shiny , then you have to make sure that you have the protection coating. You see it has chemicals that can take away the dirt and make things shiny for you so that you wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning it until it shines because you have it.

  1. It is affordable for you to use,

and they come in different shape s and sizes , so you have a variety to choose. This could also mean that if you have a yacht and a car , then you should have one for each so that it would be easy for you to clean when you are riding one of them.

  1. You wouldn’t have a headache seeing your items look dirty and dusty because from now on it will look shiny and amazing and that is thanks to the protective coating. You see the protective

coating , after all, protects your important item so that you wouldn’t have to worry anymore so you can give your trust to the protective coating.

  1. It wouldn’t only give you the shine that you

need , but it can even take our the dirt, any residue and even black streak so you can bet that the protective coating would be very useful to you because it can do so much besides allowing your things to be shiny. You wouldn’t regret having one when you buy one.

  1. It can save you time and money because rather than spend a lot of money and time to let someone else do the job without knowing if they can do the job, you can do it yourself with the help of the protective coating. This way you wouldn’t have to

worry , and the result would be worth it.


Now you know why you would need the protective coating because you can benefit from it and it wouldn’t even cause you so much money but rather allow you to save not only your money but your time. Even the Marine protective coatings would agree to this , so if you ever you are in the market looking at things that can make your car or your yacht shiny then you already know what to buy , because it can help you a lot and it can get the job done and better.

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Wedding Transportation Basics

Your wedding day is possibly one of the most luxurious days of your life. Even if you have a wedding on a budget, it’ll still be a luxurious day and you should make every effort to have luxury transport! Your wedding car hire London should be elegant and make your photos impressive: a memorable day requires a memorable car. Choosing your transportation begins with an assessment of who you have to take with you, and the size of your bridal party plays a big part. If it’s just you and two bridesmaids, a slick luxury car hire London will get you there in style — the bride’s parents can ride in a separate car. But if you’ve got a crowd, consider a trendy stretch SUV or Hummer that up to 22 people can pile into. Try to save a seat for the photographer: Candid, wide-angle, or paparazzi-style shots are a surprising favourite.

Afterward, make sure you remember you’ll need to transport the two of you and groomsmen as well. Some couples opt for a car for just them and car or cars for everyone else. The choice is yours. If the reception is within walking distance from the ceremony, you can hire a choir, musician, or, say, mariachi band to serenade you. Since limos are the most common choice, we thought nitty-gritty tips would help ensure your stretch goes smoothly. Ask for recommendations from recently married friends, the caterer, hotel concierge, or reception hall manager.

  • Play the Blushing Bride. Ask about wedding packages. Some places will offer you complimentary champagne or upgrades just for asking; others will include a discount if you book for the bachelorette and bachelor parties too.
  • Time It Right. Most limos have to be hired for a three- or four-hour minimum. If your travel plans consist of one 15-minute trip to the church, you might want to go for a less expensive option, like a Lincoln Town Car, which is still technically a limo. If there are several legs to the trip, renting the car for the night may make more sense.
  • Book Early. Reserve your car at least six months in advance—or more like nine if your wedding is in April, May, or June, which is prom season. Comparison shop to get a decent deal as prices (and quality) can vary wildly. (Hint: Limos that aren’t white often cost less.)
  • Check the Fine Print. Read the contract word-for-word and ask for a statement detailing the costs of the deposit and balance due. Make sure the following is in writing: the date, hours, and pickup locations; amenities; the driver’s name and attire; the make, model, and color of the car; plus cancellation and refund policies.
  • Save Up Front. Place the smallest possible deposit on the bill—20 to 25 percent—to minimize your loss if the service winds up being less than great. Plan on tipping 15 to 20 percent, but check the contract to find out if gratuity is already included.
  • Drop in on the Car. Make the final reservation in person, not over the phone. That way you can inspect the cars and ask which one you’ll be getting. Most places won’t guarantee a specific car, but you can get an idea of the fleet.
  • Meet Your Chauffeur. Have a conversation with your driver ahead of time. Make sure he knows not just where you’re going but how to get there. Let him know if you have a special request or heads-up (you’ll be bringing sparklers back into the car after the ceremony, for instance).
  • Assign a Type-A. Designate a bridesmaid to call the driver 20 to 30 minutes ahead of time to make sure your ride is coming on time.
  • Prepare to Pester. Be sure to get an after-hours phone number of someone at the limo company in case any emergencies come up.

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Driving to A Christmas Getaway

Whether you choose a sunny spot in the southern Europe with warmer weather than at home, or would like a guaranteed white Christmas, a change of scene can be as good as a rest. You’ll also enjoy festive meals expertly cooked and served which will set you up for a truly happy new year.

December holidays and breaks away divide up a cold and dark winter very nicely and when you set off the expense of drinks parties for the neighbours, standby gifts for droppers-in and other extras against the cost of a holiday, it could turn out to be a comparatively cheap Christmas, too.

You can choose to join in with a coach holiday group and go across many markets and go abroad for a Christmas market visit, or you could hire a car with companies like and do it yourself.

Naples Old Town is famous for its large and elaborate nativity scenes and you can enjoy the stunning Amalfi Coast without the summer hoards on a candles-1891201_6401Christmas holiday in Sorrento, a favourite resort towns for Brits since the 19th-century. From here it’s an easy journey over to Pompeii as well if it takes your fancy! Dreaming of a white Christmas? A stay in the Swiss Alps will definitely tick that box! Climb through snowy mountain meadows surrounded by mountain peaks on the cost little Jungfrau Railway to the ‘Top of Europe’, the highest railway station on Kleine Scheidegg Mountain. The famously nimble railways operate on Christmas Day.

Austria is the country that gave the world Silent Night. The charming Christmas carol was written in a small Austrian town in the early eighteen hundreds. The Salzburg Christmas market is in festive spirit right up until Christmas Eve, wafting gingerbread and warming gluhwein as you browse the stalls and hear the carols around the tree. The sun on the snow can be dazzling on a scenic steam train ride through the Tyrol, so bring those sunglasses alongside the winter coats! Anyone who is anyone will tell you that there is absolutely nothing like a traditional German Christmas, and you can soak up the atmosphere in a number of beautiful small towns while cruising on the Rhine River. Unpack once and your cosy floating hotel will take you past fairy tale castles perched on crags, and pretty villages through the scenic Rhine Gorge and to Rudesheim with its charming mechanical music museum, picturesque Koblenz and Cochem, famous its fine wines. The striking town of Oberharmersbach is the perfect base to visit the Alsace region and the Black Forest.

For the best time of year to look for the Northern Lights, Christmas is the time. On a tour of the Golden Circle in the Land of Fire and Ice, the famous waterfalls take on a magical Narnia look, frozen as they plunge and bubbling geysers shoot from the moon-like landscape.

There is no reason why Christmas holidays cannot be new adventures and if you are hiring a car with these are just some of the welcoming destinations for your next adventure.

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Steps for Buying a Boat

There is just so much to love about boating but there is also a lot to learn. There is something so freeing about getting out on the water but it’s quite easy when someone else is leading you out into the water versus going it alone. We’ve put together this little how to guide on buying a boat in the hopes that you are well informed when you embark on your boating adventures. It’s easier to know the kind of experience and service you want before you know the type of boat you want to charter so don’t be scared of asking difficult questions and make sure you are asking a certified dealer. Investigate warranties for every boat type you are considering as you will definitely need to know your options here. Warranties are very valuable and some are transferable which may be a good selling point if you decide to sell the boat after a few years. Find out what the warranty includes and find out about the service you will receive if something goes wrong. Absolutely ask about a marine survey if you are buying a preloved boat and hire the surveyor yourself so it’s done with your best interests in mind.


If you are looking into Buying a Boats in Southampton then have a quick Google at local sellers. The biggest decision you will have to make is how to choose the right boat. Narrow all your choices down to a short list of different boat categories and make a list of the features you want and those that you want to keep away from. Obviously we all want a millionaire yacht that we have no intention on actually sailing but just want to keep in the harbour and live the life of Riley on. Unfortunately that’s not actually a life most of us get a chance to get! Taking your list to a boat dealer is the next step to make as you can finally go shopping.

Visit local and regional boat shows and board as many boats as you can. Have a look around and get a feel for the type of on board environment you want. You are interviewing your dealer as well as searching for the perfect boat and you want to find the right boat-brand-dealer combination before you go ahead. Ask the same questions to each dealer you meet so you can get a good idea of what it is they are selling and if any are attempting to sell you a total lemon of a boat! There is no right time to buy a boat. You could choose to meander over the decision for several months or you may just need an afternoon at a boat show to find the right boat for your needs. Either way, take your time and ask to test drive the boat. Yep, you read that correctly! You are able to tests drive the boat so you can see how the boat handles and feels on the water and this is so important. What if you choose to buy a boat that looks and sounds great but you can’t handle it or it’s too light on the water? You need to do these things to make sure you are fully comfortable before going out on the water. The cost of owning a boat is nothing compared to the benefits of owning and using the boat that is your own, but be sure you understand the costs involved and you can afford them.

Buying a boat is a tick of the box of luxury in life and when you go ahead and make that decision make sure it’s one you definitely want. The worst thing would be to buy a boat that just sits in the driveway and never sees water!

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Getting Your Boat Ready for Transport

Being able to own a boat is a luxury that a lot of people simply cannot afford. Being able to move the boat from your home to the water, if you haven’t got it moored in a marina, can be stressful. Especially if you are actually moving house. You need to make sure that you have the right space available to keep a boat in the new house as well as at the old one when you buy. Having a boat at home requires equipment to keep it dry, able to be trailered and keep is secure so it doesn’t get stolen so ideally you will have a garage rather than a drive to keep it. Selecting a carrier for your boat should be the very first thing that you do when deciding to move your boat from one place to the other and making sure you have the right carrier with the bet insurance is paramount to success. Moving your boat can be similar to moving a member of the family, especially if you are a boat enthusiast, in that you want it to get to where you want with the least damage. Many people don’t take the time to choose proper boat haul services and never has the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ held more water than in the business of moving boats. In the end, you are the one spending good money to have your boat moved and you want it done efficiently and with the least amount of upheaval.8376314971_ddeee5fd90_z

If you buy a boat from a marina or a broker, they may already have some ideas for a local carrier in the area who are specialist boat movers. They may be able to transport your boat but keep in mind the boat broker or marina and the carrier may have an agreement in place where the broker gets a commission based on how many people he sends to the carrier. You’ll want to find a company that can give you a positive experience from start to finish and believe that a satisfied customer is the best way to attract new business, not cash under the table. When checking out potential boat moving companies, ask each one for their safety rating and ask for a copy of their insurance certificate. Even more importantly, ask them how much cargo insurance they carry and ask them for the phone number for the insurance company. If your boat is work £250k but the potential carrier only has insurance to the value of £100k that is a major red flag. If your boat gets damaged or destroyed during transport, you will end up paying the difference and that is a hefty bill to have land in your lap for a boat.

Ask the potential carrier to share photos of their equipment if their website isn’t already up to date with that. You want a company that takes a massive deal of pride in keeping their equipment looking in the best shape possible. Top notch equipment is safe equipment and that’s exactly what you want to be paying for. Proper preparation for your boat for transport requires very careful planning and attention to detail. Keep in mind that if the boat is being moved at sixty miles per hour into a fourteen mile per hour head wind, it is experiencing hurricane force conditions. Boat preparation isn’t the carriers’ responsibility it is yours and you’ve got to ensure that your boat is ready to go when they arrive to pick it up.

Besides having to pay the driver for unnecessary delay, this also causes the carrier to get behind on the pickup and delivery of other boats they may have scheduled for transport on the same day as yours. Don’t let them down too!

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Get To Know About Ferry Mill Motors


Sometimes, in a public service transportation where all of the passengers are busy reading magazine, eating their meal, looking at the window and wanting to go home, you would encounter a very unwelcoming incident that might give you a headache. Like for instance – a window was broken, or the engine was damaged. Or yet, meeting a huge accident where your bus or coaches are not slightly damaged but already busted. Then, phone a repair shop and surely they will immediately take an action from your need.

Ferry Mill Motors – Get To Know About This Repair Company

With 30 years of service, Ferry Mill Motors which is known as the specialist in chassis, axle and trailer alignment in UK has considered as World’s leading chassis realignment handled by highly-trained factory technicians. Located at Glasgow, Scotland Ferry Mill Motors had executed a satisfying work for repairing public service vehicle, high goods vehicles, bus, coaches, and even your private cars.

Caught in an unexpected accident with your bus on the way to work or home? Experienced needing to stop in the middle of a travel because you had your engine damaged? Then you might want to check our accident repair bus and coaches to solve your problem out.

What We Can Find In This Company

Ferry Mill Motors had offered a bus and coach repair guaranteed fully work of service. It is a quick and convenient problem solver that can give you satisfaction with your need. Lead by professionals and trained-repairman, Ferry Mill Motors is assuring you to provide a satisfactory and accurate re-alignment of your vehicle. It is also giving your vehicle part with comparable features including the body and main parts.

The company’s service doesn’t only stop from bus and coaches repair, but also for private car repair. The technicians and personnel are highly-trained and knowledgeable on how to mend the broken parts of your car. Making it look new is one of their jobs for they offered a high quality paint refinish that shines your car after it had been damaged and all. So worry less as a private car owner, Ferry Mill Motors is there to help.

There are still a lot of service that Ferry Mill Motors is offering. From buses and coaches and intended accident down to those vehicles having non-fault accident. In case of such incident, phone right away the company’s telephone or fax number and they will go ahead to where the problem happened. After getting into the place, what will happen? Ferry Mill Motors expert personnel will uplift your vehicle and take it to their repair shop. The additional benefits that you can get out from their goodness is that comparable vehicle will be provided, return your vehicle fully repaired and good to reuse again. What makes it best is that there will be no additional rate to be added with the payment. So what are you waiting for? Visit Ferry Mill Motors for more details.

The Repair Shop for Your Vehicle

There are a lots of repair shops opening in the state, with offers that can benefits us. Whatever are those, what’s important is that it can have your vehicle repaired and fully recovered. Whatever are the vehicle repair shops, the aim is to get any kind of vehicle, may it be a public service or a private cars get back to how it’s used to be since vehicles have already played important role in your life.

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