Things you need to know about wheel spacers


If you are not too familiar about cars and their components, the words wheel spacers might seem a little foreign to you. But if you take a look at the word, you will probably be able to make out that wheel spacers have something to do with wheels and spaces. Common sense, right? But just to give you an idea, wheel spacers are commonly used to customize your car so that you can adjust the clearance of your wheels and it also changes how your car is handled when driving.


So why do people choose to use wheel spacers?

Well there are many reasons for this. One is for aesthetic purposes. When you have wheel spacers on your car, it makes your car look more aggressive and it gives it a much better stance. However, this is something considered subjective because this depends on what your taste is.


Another reason why people opt to use wheel spacers is to give the wheels clearance from big brake kits. Unfortunately big brake kits are not compatible with many wheels and as a result, the spoke of your wheels might end up scraping the brake caliper. In order to avoid this, you use wheel spacers to give you that clearance that you need so that your wheels will not be scraping your brake calipers.

Wheel spacers also help correct any problems you might have with your new set of wheels in regards to the offset. If the offset of your car is much higher than it would mean that your car is sitting inwards. It looks ugly and the tires would end up rubbing the wheel well or event the components of your suspension. And so to correct this problem, you need to push your wheels out with wheel spacers. BMS BeforeAfter1

If you want your car to have better handling, you can use wheel spacers as well. When you move the wheels a little further apart, you have a more stable base. This effect can be achieved also by using wheels that are wider. But with wheel spacers, you avoid having to add the excess weight and expenses too while still achieving the same results.


Which size should you get?


Now you might be tempted to buy wheel spacers online uk. But before you do that, there are things that you need to know to make sure that you are getting the right size. This is not easily done because the size that we need is not universal. It varies from case to case because people use wheel spacers for different reasons which is why there are many different sizes. But this dilemma can be resolved by figuring how much space you have available to work with. This can be done by measuring the clearance of your tire and fender. You cannot go beyond that measurement because if you do, your wheels will end up rubbing into the fender. And getting a spacer that is way thinner than the clearance might not give you the result that you need so make sure that you have just the right size of wheel spacer, depending on your need.